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Double Smoked Sausage, Hog Casing
Code: 657556Brand: Hempler
Size: 5pkg/6eaCs: 12#
4/1 Double Smoked Sausage, 7 Skinless
Code: 657557Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 11#
3/1 10 Beef Skinless Wiener
Code: 657602Brand: Fletcher
Size: BulkCs: 10#
14-16 Sliced Bacon
Code: 659000Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 15#
14-16 Nitrate Free Sliced Bacon
Code: 659007Brand: Hempler
Size: 2/5#Cs: 10#
2/1 Meat Skinless Wiener
Code: 659030Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 10#
5/1 Meat Skinless Wiener
Code: 659033Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 10#
6/1 Meat Skinless Wiener
Code: 659034Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 10#
8in Meat Skinless Wiener
Code: 659036Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 10#
12in Meat Skinless Wiener
Code: 659038Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 10#
6/1 Bun Buster Meat Skinless Wiener -retail-
Code: 659041Brand: Hempler
Size: 1#Cs: 8#
Salt And Pepper Smoked Pork Sausage
Code: 659047Brand: Hempler
Size: 5/1Cs: 8#
5/1 Beef Skinless Wiener
Code: 659052Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 10#
4/1 Beef Skinless Wiener
Code: 659053Brand: Hill
Size: BulkCs: 10#
6/1 All Beef Skinless Wieners - Bulk
Code: 659057Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 10#
5/1 10in All Meat Wiener
Code: 659058Brand: Hill
Size: BulkCs: 10#
12in Beef Skinless Wiener
Code: 659059Brand: Hempler
Size: BulkCs: 10#
6/1 Nitrate Free Wagyu Beef Franks
Code: 659081Brand: Hempler
Size: 8pkg/6eaCs: 8#
Boneless Half Honey Ham -retail-
Code: 659090Brand: Hempler
Size: A3#eaCs: A18#
Boneless Whole Honey Ham
Code: 659100Brand: Hempler
Size: A6#eaCs: A18#
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