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Natural 0x1 Beef New York Strip Loin, Choice
Code: 101012phBrand: Painted Hills
Size: A12-13#Cs: A51#
Trimmed Beef Brisket, Xt Choice Painted Hills
Code: 101065phBrand: Painted Hills
Size: A12#Cs: A60#
Trimmed Nose Off Beef Brisket, Choice
Code: 101066Brand: Painted Hills
Size: A8#Cs: A80#
Beef Bottom Round Eyes, Natural Choice
Code: 101230phBrand: Painted Hills
Size: A 6#Cs: A 70#
Beef Neck Off Chuck Roll, Choice
Code: 101251phBrand: Painted Hills
Size: 20#Cs: 60#
3/1 Ground Beef Patties, All Natural
Code: 101650pBrand: Painted Hills
Size: 36eachCs: 12#
4/1 Ground Beef Patties, All Natural
Code: 101665pBrand: Painted Hills
Size: 48eaCs: 12#
Pork Shank, Skinless
Code: 102014Brand: Hill
Size: BulkCs: 30#
Spiral Cut 1/2 Ham
Code: 102138Brand: Hill
Size: 10/11# EaCs: A20#
Ham Ends, Bone In
Code: 102178Brand: Hill
Size: 4eaCs: A35#
14-16 Sliced Bacon
Code: 102222Brand: Hill
Size: BulkCs: 15#
Skin On Link Pork Sausage
Code: 102241Brand: Hill
Size: 1ozCs: 10#
2oz Skin On Pork Link Sausage
Code: 102252Brand: Hill Meat
Size: 2ozCs: 10#
Bulk Pork Sausage
Code: 102265Brand: Hill
Size: 5#Cs: 10#
Special Pork Beef Rope Sausage
Code: 102501Brand: Hillshire Farms
Size: BulkCs: 11#
6/1 All Beef Hot Dog, All Natural
Code: 102705pBrand: Painted Hills
Size: 60eaCs: 1cs
4/1 Beef Skinless Wiener
Code: 659053Brand: Hill
Size: BulkCs: 10#
Pork Sausage Links
Code: 659120Brand: Hill
Size: 12-12oz TraysCs: 9#
4/1 Skinless Polish Sausage
Code: 659452Brand: Hill
Size: 4/2.5#Cs: 10#
5/1 Hc German Sausage
Code: 659470Brand: Hill
Size: BulkCs: 15#
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