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Code: 104268Brand: Other
Size: 1.1#Cs: n/a
Pickled Herring In Wine Sauce
Code: 104700Brand: Vita Foods
Size: BulkCs: 10#tub
Pickled Herring In Sour Cream, Retail
Code: 104701Brand: Vita Foods
Size: 12/12ozCs: 1cs
Pickled Herring In Wine Sauce, Retail
Code: 104705Brand: Vita
Size: 12/12ozCs: 1cs
Pickled Salmon In Wine Sauce
Code: 104715Brand: Vita Foods
Size: BulkCs: 10#tub
Anchovie Fillets In Olive Oil
Code: 104720Brand: Martel
Size: 14oz TinCs: n/a
White Marinated Anchovies
Code: 104721Brand: Other
Size: 1kgCs: n/a
Whole Squid,
Code: 104725Brand: Other
Size: 6/5#Cs: 30#
3-5 Squid Tubes & Tentacles
Code: 104730Brand: Town Dock
Size: 3#Cs:
5-8 Squid Tubes & Tentacles
Code: 104731Brand: Other
Size: 2.5#Cs: 50#
Squid Rings & Tentacles
Code: 104733Brand: Other
Size: 3#Cs: 24#
5-6oz Calamari Steaks, Tenderized
Code: 104745Brand: Other
Size: 5#Cs: 6/5#
5-8in Squid Tubes
Code: 104747Brand: Other
Size: 4/2.5#Cs: 10#
Cooked Octopus Pieces
Code: 104755Brand: Other
Size: 10/2#Cs: 20#
4-6# Whole Octopus
Code: 104756Brand: Other
Size: BulkCs: 30#
Surimi Flakes
Code: 104765Brand: Columbia
Size: 1#Cs: 20#
Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon Portions
Code: 104768Brand: Vita
Size: 12/4ozCs: 1cs
Sliced Keta Salmon Lox, Retail
Code: 104769Brand: Vita
Size: 12/3ozCs: 1cs
Nova Sliced Smoked Atlantic Salmon
Code: 104770Brand: Gerard And Dominique
Size: A3#Cs: 25#
Salmon Burger Patty, Raw
Code: 104780Brand: Trident
Size: 4per BoxCs: 12/11.2oz
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