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Claus Meats has been family owned and operated for over 60 years supplying Northwest Washington with quality food service products. We strive to exceed your business needs as your supply wholesaler.


Al Claus

Owner / Founder (retired)

Al and his father Peter founded Claus Meats in 1942. Al worked for the company for 43 years before retiring.


Keith Rodenberger

Owner / Operator

Keith began at Claus Meats in 1967 as a driver and warehouse worker. He now oversees all aspects of the company.


Kyle Rodenberger

Owner / Operator

Kyle started in 1991 as a driver and warehouse worker. He now oversees the day to day operations of the company.


Randy Prescott

Warehouse / Driver

Randy joined the company in 1997, he works in the warehouse and is also a delivery driver.


Art Ivy


Art joined the company in May of 2005 joining his brother, Mike as our primary butchers.

Mike Joy

Mike Joy


Mike joined Claus Meats in April of 2005, he is responsible for sales and customer relations.


Brandon Starrett

Sales / Information Technology

Brandon joined Claus Meats in June of 2005, he is responsible for sales and maintaining the company website and computer network.


Ashley Graf


Ashley began at Claus Meats in October of 2005, she is responsible for processing orders, record keeping, and other administrative tasks.


Mike Wolff


Mike is our "Freezer Guy", he joined the company in 2006 and is responsible for maintaining product inventory and order processing.


Mike Spanier

Warehouse / Driver

Mike joined the company in April of 2013, he works in the warehouse and is also a delivery driver.

Company History

Claus Meats was founded in 1942 by Peter Claus and his son, Al Claus. Since then it’s passed through three generations of owners and is still family owned and operated today.

  • 1942 Peter Claus and his son Al Claus found Stop n' Shop Meat Market
  • 1945 Al hires his 3 brothers, Glynn, Mel, and Chuck
  • 1948 The company name was changed to Peter Claus & Sons
  • 1957 Peter Claus retires and Al Claus takes ownership
  • 1960 The company name was changed to Claus Meats
  • 1962 Al Claus Retires
  • 1966 The shop was moved to its current location on the corner of Cornwall and Carolina
  • 1967 Keith Rodenberger joins the company. His wife Sue is the daughter of Al Claus.
  • 1985 Keith Rodenberger takes ownership of the company
  • 1991 Keith’s son Kyle joins the company
  • Present Day: Claus Meats continues to operate in full swing making sure everyone in Northwest Washington has plenty of good food to eat.
  • June 4th 2018 - After years of hustling hot dogs we‘ve finally made it to the big time! We’re now on track to internet stardom having been recently featured in the “moderately” famous podcast TBTL - Here