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14/18 Sliced Bacon, Retail Pac
Code: 102190Brand: Daily's
Size: 16/1.5#Cs: 24#
Sliced Pepper Bacon, Sw Jewel
Code: 102193Brand: Daily
Size: 3/16"Cs: 15#
8-10 Sliced Bacon
Code: 102194Brand: Daily
Size: BulkCs: 15#
10-12 Sliced Bacon
Code: 102195Brand: Daily
Size: BulkCs: 15#
12-14 Sliced Bacon
Code: 102200Brand: Daily
Size: BulkCs: 15#
14-16 Sliced Bacon
Code: 102205Brand: Daily
Size: BulkCs: 15#
14/16 Select Sliced Bacon
Code: 102205cBrand: Carlton
Size: BulkCs: 15#
18-20 Sliced Bacon
Code: 102210Brand: Daily
Size: BulkCs: 15#
Cooked Bacon, Layer Pack
Code: 102213Brand: Daily
Size: ThickCs: 5.5#
14/18 Special Sliced Bacon
Code: 102214Brand: Other
Size: LayoutCs: 30#
Bacon Ends & Pieces
Code: 102215Brand: Sunny Valley
Size: 3#Cs: 24#
Slab Bacon
Code: 102216cBrand: Other
Size: 6/8#Cs: A48#
Cooked Diced 3/4 Inch Bacon Bits
Code: 102220Brand: Daily
Size: 2/5#Cs: 1cs
1/4 Sliced Applewood Bacon
Code: 102224Brand: Hill's
Size: BulkCs: 15#
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