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Australian Goat, Diced
Code: 103496Brand: Other
Size: 16/2#Cs: 32#
Lamb Shoulder, Bone In Australian Split
Code: 103530sBrand: Claus
Size: A6#Cs: A42#
Bulk Lamb Fat
Code: 103535Brand: Claus
Size: BulkCs: na
Domestic Lamb Loin Chops
Code: 103549Brand: Claus
Size: CustomCs: na
Loin Lamb Chop, Australian
Code: 103550p2Brand: Claus
Size: 2ozCs: Custom
Loin Lamb Chop, Australian
Code: 103550p3Brand: Claus
Size: 3-4ozCs: custom
Loin Lamb Chop, Australian
Code: 103550p4Brand: Claus
Size: 4-5ozCs: Custom
Lamb Shoulder Steak, Custom Cut Australian
Code: 103555cBrand: Claus
Size: CustomCs: custom
Lamb Shoulder Steak, Australian
Code: 103555p18Brand: Claus
Size: 18-22ozCs: Custom
Lamb Shoulder Steak, Australian
Code: 103555p23Brand: Claus
Size: 23-25ozCs: Custom
Lamb Femur Bones
Code: 103576Brand: Superior
Size: BulkCs: A25
Lamb Strips For Stroganoff, Boneless
Code: 103578Brand: Claus
Size: A2.5#Cs: 10#
Lamb Osso Buco
Code: 103579Brand: Claus
Size: CustomCs: Custom
Ground Lamb
Code: 103580Brand: Other
Size: 2.5#Cs: 10#
Lamb Trim For Grinding, Boneless
Code: 103580aBrand: Claus
Size: BulkCs: A30#
Lamb Stew, Boneless
Code: 103585Brand: Other
Size: 5#Cs: 10#
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