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2.5oz-3.5oz Crispy Panko Breaded Cod
Code: 104153Brand: Trident
Size: BulkCs: 10#
1-2oz Tavern Battered Cod Fillet
Code: 104155Brand: Trident
Size: BulkCs: 10#
2-3oz Tavern Battered Cod Fillet
Code: 104160Brand: Trident
Size: BulkCs: 10#
2-3oz Tavern Battered Cod Fillet
Code: 104165Brand: Mrs Friday
Size: BulkCs: 10#
Battered Cod, Irregular
Code: 104190Brand: Trident
Size: BulkCs: 10#
Breaded Scallops, Approx 30/lb
Code: 104326Brand: Other
Size: 3#Cs: 4/3#
U15 Breaded Fantail Prawns
Code: 104395Brand: Black Tie
Size: 3#Cs: 4/3#
16-20 Breaded Fantail Shrimp
Code: 104406Brand: Black Tie
Size: 3#Cs: 4/3#
21-25 Coconut Breaded Fantail Shrimp
Code: 104415Brand: Boca Seas
Size: 3#Cs: 4/3#
21/25 Breaded Fantail Shrimp, Gold Pack
Code: 104417Brand: Mrs. Friday
Size: 2.5#Cs: 15#
21-25 Breaded Fantail Prawns
Code: 104419Brand: Other
Size: 3#Cs: 12#
40-45 Breaded Shrimp In A Pouch
Code: 104460Brand: Boca Seas
Size: 8oz PouchCs: 12/8oz
Popcorn Breaded Shrimp
Code: 104470Brand: Tampa Bay
Size: 4/2.5#Cs: 10#
Italian Breaded Calamari Rings
Code: 104741Brand: Seawatch
Size: BulkCs: 2/5#
Breaded Oysters, Small
Code: 104825Brand: Certi Fresh
Size: 25-35 Per #Cs: 5x2#
Breaded Clam Strips
Code: 104925Brand: Seawatch
Size: 24/4ozCs: 1cs
Breaded Clam Strips, Bulk Pack
Code: 104930Brand: Seawatch
Size: 2/5#Cs: 10#
Thick N Tasty Breaded Clam Strips
Code: 104935Brand: Seawatch
Size: 24/4ozCs: 1cs
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