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Sour Cream
Code: 107500Brand: Other
Size: 5#Cs: na
Sour Cream
Code: 107505Brand: Other
Size: 32#Cs: 32#
Yogurt, Low Fat
Code: 107525Brand: Yami
Size: 32 PoundsCs: 1 each
Butter Prints
Code: 107535Brand: Other
Size: 1#Cs: 30#
Unsalted Butter Prints
Code: 107536Brand: Other
Size: 1#Cs: 36#
Butter Chips, Foil Wrapped 47cut
Code: 107540Brand: Other
Size: 4x4.25#Cs: 1cs
Coffee Creamer, Shelf Stable
Code: 107545Brand: White Wave
Size: 384/.8ozCs: 1case
Whipped Margarine
Code: 107550Brand: Other
Size: 20#Cs: 20#
Margarine Prints
Code: 107551Brand: Other
Size: 1#Cs: 30#
Egg Yolks
Code: 107554Brand: Other
Size: 15/1#Cs: 15#
Liquid Eggs
Code: 107555Brand: Deb El
Size: 2#Cs: 30#
Hard Cooked Eggs
Code: 107556Brand: Other
Size: Cs:
Pickled Eggs
Code: 107557Brand: Big John's
Size: 6x1/2galCs: 6x1/2gal
Ex Large Whole Eggs
Code: 107559Brand: National
Size: 15dzCs: 15dz
Large Whole Eggs
Code: 107560Brand: Other
Size: 1dzCs: 15dz
15dz Organic Large Eggs
Code: 107560oBrand: Stiebrs
Size: 15dzCs: 15dz
Medium Whole Eggs
Code: 107565Brand: Nat Foods
Size: 15dzCs: 15dz
Pasteurized Whole Eggs
Code: 107566Brand: Michael's
Size: BulkCs: 15dz
Duck Eggs
Code: 107570Brand: Other
Size: 1dzCs: 12dz
Buttermilk Powder
Code: 107580Brand: Bob's
Size: 4/24ozCs: 1cs
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