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7 Original Pita Bread
Code: 105800Brand: Kontos
Size: 12/10eaCs: 1cs
7inch Pita, Whole Wheat
Code: 105806Brand: Alexis
Size: 12/5eaCs: 1cs
Beef Gyro Strips
Code: 105810Brand: Corfu
Size: 130/1.25ozCs: 1cs
Feta Cheese
Code: 105820Brand: Other
Size: 28# PailCs: 1 bucket
Saganaki Block Cheese
Code: 105831Brand: Other
Size: A6#Cs: n/a
Mizithra Cheese Balls
Code: 105832Brand: Other
Size: A2.5#eaCs: A25#
Nescafe Coffee
Code: 105847Brand: Nescafe
Size: 12/200g CansCs: 1 case
Greek Coffee
Code: 105848Brand: Papagalos
Size: 1#Cs: 12#
#4 Filo Leaves, 12x17 All Natural, Thin
Code: 105849Brand: Filo Factory
Size: 24/1#Cs: 24#
#7 Filo Leaves, 12x17 All Natural Fresh,..
Code: 105851Brand: Filo Factory
Size: 25/1#Cs: 25#
3oz Spanakopita
Code: 105853Brand: Kronos
Size: 24per TrayCs: 1 Tray
1oz Spanakopita Triangles
Code: 105855Brand: Kronos
Size: 48 Per TrayCs: 1 Tray
Spanakopita Swirls
Code: 105856Brand:
Size: Cs:
1oz Tyropita Triangles
Code: 105860Brand: Kronos
Size: 48 Per TrayCs: 1 Tray
Kalamata Olives, Jumbo
Code: 105870Brand: Other
Size: 181-200 CountCs: 1/12kg
Kalamata Olives, No Pits
Code: 105871Brand: Other
Size: 4.4#Cs: 1ea
Kalamata Olives, Wedge Cut
Code: 105872Brand: Alea
Size: BulkCs: 22#
Olive Mix, Assorted Greek-french
Code: 105873Brand: Alexis
Size: BulkCs: 10#
Code: 105876Brand: Kontos
Size: 36per TrayCs: 1 tray
Code: 105888Brand: Other
Size: 74eaCs: na
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