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18oz Game Hens, Whole
Code: 103750Brand: Other
Size: 16eaCs: 18#
24oz Game Hens, Whole
Code: 103755Brand: Other
Size: 24eaCs: 36#
4.25up Whole Duckling
Code: 103765Brand: Other
Size: 6eaCs: A34#
5up Whole Duckling, Head On Feet On
Code: 103766Brand: Other
Size: 8eaCs: A45#
Whole Goose
Code: 103769Brand: Other
Size: 10/12Cs: A44#
5-6oz Boneless Skin On Duckling Breast
Code: 103770Brand: Claus
Size: 2/5#Cs: 10
6.5-9.5oz Boneless Skin On Duckling Breast
Code: 103775Brand: Maple Leaf
Size: 32eaCs: A12#
9-10oz Boneless Skin On Duckling Breast
Code: 103777Brand: Other
Size: 32/1eaCs: A19#
4-5oz Whole Quail, Semi-boneless
Code: 103778Brand: Other
Size: 9 Paks Of 4eaCs: 36ea
4-5oz Whole Quail
Code: 103779Brand: Other
Size: 6paks Of 4eaCs: 24ea
Rendered Duck Fat
Code: 103780Brand: Other
Size: 1gallonCs: na
Duckling Legs, Whole Bulk
Code: 103783Brand: Other
Size: A4.5#Cs: A17#
Whole Duck Leg, Pillow Pack
Code: 103783mBrand: Mary's
Size: 8/2eaCs: A11#
Whole Duck Wings
Code: 103784Brand: Other
Size: BulkCs: A30#
Duck Feet
Code: 103786Brand: Other
Size: BulkCs: 30#
Foie Gras, A Grade
Code: 103790Brand: Sonoma
Size: BulkCs: A2#
Foie Gras, B Grade
Code: 103792Brand: Hudson Valley
Size: BulkCs: A2#
13-14oz Whole Squab
Code: 103793Brand: Other
Size: EachCs: A12#
15-18oz Whole Poussin
Code: 103794Brand: Other
Size: EachCs: A12#
21-25 Oz Silkie Chicken, Whole
Code: 103795Brand: Other
Size: EachCs: na
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