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Halal Certified Lamb Leg S/off, Boneless..
Code: 103514hBrand: Superior
Size: A8#Cs: A55#
Lamb Shoulder, Bone In, Domestic
Code: 103530dBrand: Superior
Size: A12#Cs: A70#
Domestic Lamb Breast, Boneless
Code: 103533Brand: Superior
Size: BulkCs: 10#
Lamb Hind Shank, Domestic
Code: 103564Brand: Superior
Size: 3pkg/2eaCs: A10#
Lamb Necks, Bone In
Code: 103577Brand: Superior
Size: BulkCs: A 40#
Halal Certified Ground Domestic Lamb
Code: 103580hBrand: Superior
Size: 5#Cs: 15#
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