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Pork Rib Style Patty
Code: 101692Brand: King's Command
Size: 80/3ozCs: 15#
8oz Kings Command Breaded Beef Fritter
Code: 101694Brand: King C
Size: 20eaCs: 10#
11oz Breaded Beef Fritter
Code: 101696Brand: King's Com
Size: 15/11ozCs: 10
2.5oz Breaded Beef Fritter, 64ea
Code: 101697Brand: King's Command
Size: 64eaCs: 10#
3oz Meatloaf Patty, Cooked
Code: 101698Brand: King's Command
Size: 80eaCs: 10#
4oz Sliced Beef For Philly Steak
Code: 101747Brand: King's Com
Size: 40eaCs: 10#
4oz Breaded Pork Cutlet
Code: 102115Brand: King's Command
Size: 40/4ozCs: 10#
Breaded Veal Steak, Cubed & Formed
Code: 103045Brand: King's Com
Size: 5ozCs: 10#
Wild Net Red King Salmon
Code: 104000Brand: Other
Size: CustomCs: n/a
Wild Troll Red King Salmon, G&g
Code: 104001Brand: Other
Size: CustomCs: n/a
Wild Troll Marbled King Salmon, G&g
Code: 104005Brand: Other
Size: CustomCs: n/a
Wild Troll Marbled King Salmon Pbo Sides
Code: 104005sBrand: Other
Size: CustomCs: na
Wild Skin On Net King Salmon Sides, Pbo..
Code: 104020Brand: Other
Size: 3-5#Cs: 25#
Wild Skin On King Salmon Sides, Pbo Fresh
Code: 104020fBrand: Other
Size: CustomCs: n/a
Wild Skin On Troll King Salmon Sides, Pbo..
Code: 104021Brand: Spc
Size: BulkCs: A50#
7-9oz Red King Crab Select Portions
Code: 104222Brand: Keyport
Size: BulkCs: 15#
Red King Crab Leg & Claw
Code: 104226Brand: Keyport
Size: 9-12Cs: 20#
Seafood Sensations, Crab And Shrimp Mix
Code: 104760Brand: King And Prince
Size: 6x2#Cs: 12#
Smoked Pbo King Salmon Sides, Nw Style
Code: 104775Brand: Other
Size: 2-3#Cs: na
Ginger, Pureed In Water
Code: 108170Brand: King's Gourmet
Size: 30ozCs: 4/30oz
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