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Welcome to Claus Meats Friday May 6th
Whether you're a small restaurant just getting started or already running a booming business, we have products your customers are sure to enjoy. Our products section highlights every product we carry, and placing an order is as simple as logging into your Order Guide page, or contacting your sales person.

New Products

7oz Bnls Sknls Half Breast, Free Range, Abf
Item: 103704
Cs: A18#
Pack: 20pkg/2ea
4/1 Bratwurst, Pre-cooked
Item: 102551
Cs: 10#
Pack: 4 per pound
Bavaria Saus
Wild Coho Salmon Sides, Pbo Vac Pac
Item: 104010
Cs: 50#
Pack: bulk

28-32oz Beef Rib Steak, Choice One Bone Tomah
Item: 101420
Cs: custom
Pack: custom