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Welcome to Claus Meats Friday October 31st 1:57am
Whether you're a small restaurant just getting started or already running a booming business, we have products your customers are sure to enjoy. Our products section highlights every product we carry, and placing an order is as simple as logging into your Order Guide page, or contacting your sales person.

New Products

Deep Apple Pie
Item: 105277
Cs: 1ea
Pack: 14 slices
English Muffins, Sandwich Size
Item: 108875
Cs: 1cs
Pack: 48/3oz
Freezer Jam Packets, Seedless Assorted
Item: 108455
Cs: 1cs
Pack: 200-5/8oz
Ground Veal, Bulk
Item: 103010
Cs: 8#
Pack: 8/1#
Skin On Pork Link Sausage
Item: 102249
Cs: 10#
Pack: 2oz
Sourdough Mini Boule, Par Cooked
Item: 108860
Cs: 1cs
Pack: 48/6.5oz
Vie De France
Raw Italian Bulk Sausage, Hot
Item: 102358h
Cs: 10#
Pack: 5#
Cascioppo Bros
6/1 Curry Nurnberger Bratwurst, Pre-cooked
Item: 102554
Cs: 10#
Pack: 6 per pound
Bavaria Saus
White Granulated Sugar
Item: 108550
Cs: 25# bag
Pack: bulk

Popcorn Breaded Shrimp
Item: 104470
Cs: 10#
Pack: 4/2.5#
Tampa Bay
#1 Semolina Flour
Item: 108421s
Cs: 50# bag
Pack: bulk
Pendleton Flour
Butter Chips, Foil Wrapped 47cut
Item: 107540
Cs: 1cs
Pack: 4x4.25#

1oz Breaded Crab Bites
Item: 104786
Cs: 10#
Pack: 2/5#
Ocean Cafe
Harvest Pumpkin Cheesecake
Item: 105133
Cs: 1ea
Pack: 16 slices
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